Deep in the frozen north, only madness awaits…

Stranded in an unforgiving frozen waste by a supernatural blizzard and forced to watch his remaining soldiers die off one by one, Commander General Soltari faces the harrowing task of returning home a failure. 

After he’s discovered half-dead and clinging to the last shreds of sanity, Soltari must fight to rebuild his identity and restore his beloved homeland – but in order to do that, he must come face-to-face the merciless sorceress responsible for his ruin.

Can Soltari resolve his past, avenge his family, and reclaim his homeland from the self-proclaimed Queen of Shadows? Or will he succumb to this grievous world of might, magic, and madness?

Perfect for fans of riveting fantasy adventures packed with magic, danger, and a whole lot of action, Darkness of the Northern Sky is a page-turning read that captures all the thrills of epic fantasy. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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