Darkness of the Northern Sky



Can a battle-weary warrior stop a vengeful sorceress from building an empire of evil?

Commander Soltari is jaded by battle and returns home to his wife and daughter to lay down his sword for good. When nightmarish hordes suddenly strike his city and murder his family, he promises to find and destroy the sadistic sorceress behind the raid.

Blinded by his desire for revenge, he leads an army deep into a frozen wasteland to strike first and stop her next attack. But a supernatural event wipes out his force, leaving him and a handful of soldiers stranded in the barren lands. Driven to madness, Soltari swears to return to his homeland and fulfill the promise he made. Yet, now the sorceress holds his lands captive, preparing for her next deadly attack.

Can Soltari rise from the void of his inner abyss to return and save his homeland before the sorceress unleashes another wave of destruction?

For fans of classic sword and sorcery comes Darkness of the Northern Sky, a story of one soldier’s journey to reclaim his home, his land, and honor his family.

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